Damon Brown

Damon Brown is the CEO and co-founder of Dentovations, Inc. Brown has consistently pioneered new trends in the tooth whitening category for over twenty years. In 2007, Brown founded Luster Premium White, the #1 premium tooth whitening brand offering a full line of teeth whitening products including intense whitening kits, daily whitening toothpaste, and instant whitening mouth rinses and toothpaste. With the development of uPhoria, the first and only in-office whitening treatment that provides dramatic results in four minutes, Brown has met provider's needs of being able to maximize profit with minimal chair time.


At uPhoria we believe in high-performance whitening treatment in record speed. Our patient-oriented company has been embraced by uncompromising consumers and professionals around the world by creating enamel-safe affordable whitening products for over a decade.

  • uPhoria is a categorical improvement on all conventional in-office whitening procedures from every perspective: cost, pain, and chair-time.
  • Most patients who have tried uPhoria see results that are 4 to 6 shades whiter at each visit.
  • Each treatment only takes four minutes in your dental office.


In contrast to older whitening procedures, the technology behind uPhoria is so efficient, it can be done after every dental prophylaxis, at the completion of every orthodontic case and before other procedures like crowns.

Make your patient's narrative about their dental visit change into a positive one regardless of the life stage they are in.

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