Founded in 2001, Dentovations has been pioneering new trends in the tooth whitening category through developing products for many major Fortune 500 Companies (Avon Products, Arm & Hammer, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target). Dentovations combines cutting-edge dental innovation with an eye on the patients needs for whitening (fast, safe and effective). The company continues to innovate new safe and effective whitening products with zero tooth sensitivity, and has received countless awards for its efforts, including the, Allure's Beauty Breakthrough Award and the Real Simple Best Whitening Toothpaste Award.

Our Story

After working in dental offices and in a corporate dental setting, Dentovations founders became frustrated with the lack of innovation in teeth whitening along with the harmful effects of most whitening products. They found that new product after product was simply a re-packaging of old formulations without addressing underlying customer needs. Teeth whitening was at a standstill with little to no change in over 20 years. Their first focus was in developing fast, safe and effective whitening that does not cause tooth sensitivity. After years of research and development, uPhoria Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening System was developed as a new way to whiten teeth, based on a ground breaking technology called SONO-CAVITATION to reverse years of stains in just 4 minutes of total treatment time.  uPhoria is the fastest in-office professional whitening product ever invented. Not only was it fast, but also very effective and 100% enamel safe!